Dec 292011

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has launched a new project, Global Censorship Chokepoints, whose mission is to track instances of censorship caused by allegations of copyright infringement.

Global Chokepoints is an online resource created to document and monitor global proposals to turn Internet intermediaries into copyright police. These proposals harm Internet users’ rights of privacy, due process and freedom of expression, and endanger the future of the free and open Internet. Our goal is to provide accurate empirical information to digital activists and policy makers, and help coordinate international opposition to attempts to cut off free expression through misguided copyright laws, policies, agreements and court cases.

There is some overlap between that project and this one, especially insofar as the state allows itself to be the enforcement arm of copyright infringement complaints.  But there is plenty of work to go around when it comes to protecting free speech around the world.  (Digital Age Defense also looks at state imposition of intermediary liability for non-IP related reasons as well.  See, e.g., attempts by the Indian government to demand content filters in order not to cause social unrest.)

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