Feb 252012

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Dec 102011

From the BBC news that the Arkansas Supreme Court has ruled a juror’s tweets during the trial were sufficiently inappropriate enough to nullify the conviction.

Erickson Dimas-Martinez was convicted of murder in 2010 for shooting and robbing a teenager, Derrick Jefferson, after a party in Arkansas four years earlier.

He had been due to be put to death by lethal injection.

Mr Dimas-Martinez’s lawyers appealed against the conviction after Randy Franco tweeted his thoughts despite the judge’s instructions that jurors must not post comments on the internet or discuss the case on their mobiles.

Mr Franco tweeted: “Choices to be made. Hearts to be broken… We each define the great line.”

Mr Franco later clarified that “define the great line” was a reference to an album by an American Christian metalcore band called Underoath.

Other tweets sent included: “The coffee here sucks” and “Court. Day 5. here we go again”. Continue reading »