Jan 142012

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Dec 132011

Deutsche Welle has an interesting interview with Kier Giles, the director of the Conflict Studies Research Centre, an Oxford-based non-profit research center that provides analysis on Russia and the region, on how the Russian government is dealing with dissent on the Internet. Giles notes that the government may be using a softer touch than it could — for instance, it has asked, rather than forced, the social networking site VKontakte to remove some content, which the site refused to do. On the other hand, Russian media outlets have complained about DDOS and Twitter spambot attacks that appear to be coming from state-sponsored criminals.

The takeaway, however, is that the Russian government could “reach for an Internet kill switch,” but may prefer to let content be posted so it can monitor who is saying what. The interview discusses SORM, an Internet monitoring system: Continue reading »